To New Beginnings

by cedhausen

People wonder why I’m so difficult. Well that’s because they’re too easy.

Another invitation, followed by a refusal. Well, an implied one, but I wasn’t in the mood anyway, so I suppose that’s where the quote from yours truly came in. Oh my, I better switch it up a little here before someone thinks this is going to be another one of those blogs with a chronically depressive blogger who has no other avenue to vent his frustrations on his love life, or lack thereof, and spends his days staring at YouTube’s homepage tryingstruggling to figure out what videos would best assuage his loneliness and unexplained anxiety before succumbing once more to a particular Peke-faced Persian eating a watermelon or house music (great one here).

Oh, and I do have a knack for writing really long sentences that read like digressions. Salman Rushdie’s prose has had a profound impact on me, even though I haven’t read much of his work and have only heard of his knack for digressions from other people who apparently can’t handle Rushdie. I really have to… The Enchantress of Florence beckons from a bookcase.

So, a little about me. I love weaving sentences and I like to read. I’ve recently realised I’m no longer underweight and that I’m almost a head taller than my petite mother (I’m not growing, but it’s not everyday one realises how short one is, and how really short one’s mother is). I enjoy the occasional photography and agonising over the fact that no one has really liked a recent photo I’ve posted on Facebook, but I’ve learnt to look past such things and have taken up cheesecake eating instead.

I’ve just taken a pause and previewed my post (yes, running live commentaries will be a regular feature of posts as I type because I strongly advocate this newly invented form for stream-of-consciousness narration… whenever applicable) and it actually looks good. You see, this isn’t the first time I’ve entered the I-need-to-write-it-down-lest-I-forget phase of my life. I’ve started a couple of blogs previously and my memories of them were excruciating. Why was it so difficult just to align a simple photograph?! But now links and gifs just blend in seamlessly to the rest of the copy.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

– Mary Oliver, “The Summer Day”

I plan to write it down. I plan to create a rough framework for it, attempt to arrange its structure and to fill it with exciting content that mesmerises. There will be disappointments. Not all of my thoughts can be translated successfully, truthfully, after all. Honesty comes with a price you see, and I’m never certain if I can afford it, even when my creditors reassure me. But most of all, I intend to celebrate it. Fill it with revelry so I’ll always be reminded of the great things that have happened and of the greater things to come. When Dejection and Sorrow come knocking, I’ll have my arsenal of happiness against them, and this is the purpose of my blog.

Well… that and it’s good writing practice, which I desperately need.

So here’s to new beginnings! *clinks imaginary champagne glass* Lord knows why I chose a Thursday night to do this…