Singapore For A Week(?!)

by cedhausen

Optional interrobang in the title there since I’ve been receiving comments on how I don’t really need one week to explore Singapore. Plus, it’s the worst time for Malaysians to travel there with the current exchange rate. My heart bled when I made the exchange with the Indian man at the counter… “S$500 equates to how much?!”

I’m actually typing this at one of the more reliable places with wi-fi in Batu Pahat, Johor called Rengit Coffee. It’s a pretty decent location… when no one else is trying to leech my bandwidth. But really, it is the only place where I can actually work in peace and make the occasional Google search on “Christmas in Japan” or “Things to do at Kampong Glam“.

Oh! Here’s something for all of you punctuation pundits out there: I know in the US, periods and commas are enclosed within quotation marks, especially at the end of sentences/phrases, and while I do agree it looks “prettier,” the British system seems to make more sense to me. Now, I wouldn’t want to spark a debate that would make this post look like most comments section at YouTube, but I wonder if anyone has this sort of dilemma when it comes to punctuations…

Anyway, here’s the Photo of the Day:

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

I realised that I cannot mention Sekinchan in the previous post without an image of the rice fields. So here you go! It’s strange though… the picture looks brighter on my iPhone (it was a really sunny day) but darker on my MacBook’s screen. Anyway, this is how the fields would look like early December, and I was really lucky because the combines were at work (don’t farmers get Saturday off? Then again, it is peak-tourist season.), which somehow reminds me of that scene in Interstellar where all the combines were malfunctioning…

Okay, my time’s up. I’ll be leaving to celebrate my grandmother’s ninetieth in a bit and my dad’s already waiting for me outside of the café. Next post will be in Singapore! Woohoo!

P.S.: Thanks to all of you who started following me and liked my previous post. I didn’t think I’d garner a handful of followers so quickly. Whee~