Day 2: I’m Late!

by cedhausen

Oh my lord, I didn’t expect to be so tired yesterday… I’ll jump straight to the Photo of the Day now because it’s half past noon here and I really should be out exploring.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

This was taken at the famous Helix Bridge towards The Shoppes (Fancy spelling, instant glamour. That’s the way it works here in Southeast Asia. Add a “Le” to anything and people would start adopting faux French accents.) at the Marina Bay Sands. I missed this area the night before because I didn’t have enough time and it was already getting late. Getting a cab past midnight here can burn a hole in your wallet. The area looks prettiest at night, when the whole city lights up, though I need to return to get some daytime shots, especially of the Neo-Palladian buildings in downtown. My only qualm is that it’s been pretty much overcast during the day, though that might potentially work in my favour, we’ll see.

So, short post, but I’ll return to speak more about my adventures. Hopefully I’ll have more time tonight. I usually get back to my host’s place at Nanyang Technological University past midnight, and that’s when I start collating and editing my photos, before planning my next location to visit (I’m aiming for the Botanical Gardens today!). Hence, the late hours.

See y’all in about twelve hours!