Day 9: See You Around, Singapore

by cedhausen

That’s it! I’ll be coming back. First stop next time, a room in the Marina Bay Sands. A little disappointed to find out visitors can’t access the Infinity Pool but, hey, that’s regular hotel policy so I’ll just be sure to stay there as a guest for next time. Yeap, that’s dedication right there. S$400 just for a shot of the pool… Okay, maybe for that free access up to the observation deck as well (KU DÉ TA offers great views for the price of a drink, but not unobstructed ones).

Oh what a trip it has been, and I suppose it’s a little silly to feel sad. Singapore’s so close! I can drive here if I wanted to! But departures are always difficult for me. I blame my hormones for this nascent over-sentimentality that’s bubbling from the pit of my stomach to the glands in my eyes, or maybe Scorpios are just far too emotional for their own good… Hmm…

Anyway, sap aside, here’s the Photo of the Day, a view that I’ll definitely miss for a while:

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Clichéd shot of the Helix Bridge and the hotel, but necessary nonetheless.

Singapore, you’ve been great. I’ve had a splendid time here and now I can’t wait to be back. Until then, I suppose the photos will have to suffice. See you on the other side.