The Smell of Exuberance

by cedhausen

So I’m home, and it’s good to be home. Feels a little strange… Happens all the time after I come back from a trip: the home becomes foreign to me, momentarily, and all sensations within it thereafter feels alienated from my immediate past. Am I even making sense? Maybe it’s because the place feels a little dusty and is in dire need of a clean-up.

Anyway, short post again today as I had and will have a few errands to complete, but will have more time to explicate a little more on the Singapore trip for the next post. I’ll be starting my new job on January 2nd as a PR Executive-cum-Corporate Writer (Yes! Writers can have a stable income without necessarily conforming to the stereotype of becoming an English teacher just because of that creative writing degree!), which is pretty exciting as the industry I’ll be working in is property management. I suppose any Asian parent would be proud, though I never dreamt of working in property. Oh well, new experiences, new challenges, bring it on.

Why did I bring this up again…? Oh, right, yes, new job soon, so will be driving around town to collect the appointment letter. I can’t remember my liaison’s name from the mall for the love of my life… Guess that’s one more awkward phone call to make.

So, will be running around a little, but before I do, here’s the Photo of the Day:

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It’s shots like these that continue to remind me how amazing the iPhone’s camera is… This was taken at Penhaligon’s in Marina Bay Sands’s The Shoppes. It just occurred to me that the lamps hanging from the ceiling are in the shape of the perfume bottles… My impression of the brand has improved. I’ve always been a fan of the brand ever since I worked with them in Malaysia. I was an intern then at a public relations agency, and we helped them with their soft launch at Carcosa Seri Negara, which is this beautiful colonial hotel at Perdana Botanical Garden.

Unfortunately, due to reasons I don’t think I’m allowed to disclose, they’ve discontinued distributing the brand in Malaysia, so my closest option would be to travel to Singapore and visit one of their quirky boutiques, like the one pictured above. I just like the uniformity in their display cases, and the plum plush paddings at the back are unique to the boutiques in Singapore if I’m not mistaken…

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My favourite fragrance is Endymion, which goes pretty well with my skin. Perfume smells a little different when applied to different people, which was a neat discovery I made while researching the brand the the general industry. This isn’t to say that you should spritz everything onto your hand while looking for your signature scent, but that it takes time before you’ll settle for the one. Just like marriage I suppose, only sweeter.

Penhaligon’s is also known for their Christmas gift boxes, which are at once exquisite and downright outlandish:

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It looks as if it might contain Danish cookies, but this is what you’ll find inside:

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That’s S$210 right there. Yowzah… Also, am I the only person in the world who actually feels reluctant to unwrap the plastic even though it prevents me from actually using the product?

Alright folks, a particularly fragrant post for now. Will be back later for more!