Singapore, In Retrospect. Part IV: Nocturne

by cedhausen

Okay, now before I dive into today’s post on Singapore’s nightlife, have you seen this video?

It’s nothing frightening, I promise you, though an almost “ghostly” experience as you’ll hear Alan Turchik, the narrating researcher, describe. It’s a pretty short video and has been gaining a lot of attention lately, mainly due to Alan’s excitement at the discovery of a shark swimming in what many thought was uninhabitable waters. Just watch the video and wait for it. A smile will soon creep on your face. 😉

Alright, so today I’ll be talking a little bit on Singapore’s vibrant nightlife, that isn’t necessarily restricted to a Friday or Saturday night. But first, here’s today’s Photo of the Day:

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There can never be too many photographs of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. Singapore is as much lovely at night as it is during the day. It’s pretty safe to walk around the city at night, where taxis still roam the streets way past midnight and the occasional hardcore jogger passes you by as he completes his daily circuit. Pubs, bars, and clubs are scattered around the city and I admit I would not have encountered them if I didn’t have Arif as my guide. That said, one of the places I discovered to have a pretty bustling night scene is Holland Village, a suburban neighbourhood beyond the city that’s popular among hippy youths and expatriates. While it’s pretty quiet during the day, Lorong Mambong, a street lined with eateries, becomes incredibly busy at night and is cordoned off to accommodate the large volume of people in the area, drinking and dining on tables and chairs that have been brought out to fill the street.

I didn’t hang around the area for long when I visited because there really isn’t much going on there except for food and drinks. I did, however, make a pit stop at Churrosity for some cinnamon glazed churros drizzled in chocolate:

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I did some research before visiting the area and heard good things about Churrosity. While I’m not a big fan of the chocolate sauce they used (clumps instead dribbling), the bite sized churros were fabulous and had a wonderful crunch. A perfect late night snack.

In the city, the area that mirrors the vibrant Lorong Mambong is Club Street (or is it the other way round?) that’s situated not far from Chinatown. Of course, I couldn’t resist taking more pictures of windows while I was there… Chinatown seems to be made up of fancy windows that simply exude an old world charm:

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Another busy area is Clarke Quay, which Arif terms the Lam Kwai Fong of Singapore. A popular haunt for tourists and locals alike, the place is casual arena of food though you’d somehow feel the pressure to wear dress shoes as you examine the numerous bars and pubs. Clarke Quay is undeniably a swankier locale compared to the other locations I’ve mentioned earlier, but it’s still a comfortable place to just grab a pint and have a good time with friends. It is also home to this hanging Christmas tree:

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The branches look like antlers… I can’t say if that’s supposed to be cute or disturbing.

With regards to dance clubs, Arif took me to the Art Bar at the One Fullerton. That place was packed… at one point, you couldn’t side step without jabbing someone’s foot with your heels. The atmosphere was amazing though, and quite different from the offerings in Malaysia. At least many of the Singaporeans here danced with abandon, whereas the Malaysian crowd can be a little more reserved, probably more worried about a stray hair strand than their two right feet syncing to the deafening beat.

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Yeap… while others were busy avoiding bumping into each other inappropriately, I was preoccupied with my camera. But I did have a good time once the crowd dissipated a little.

Alright, it’s getting late (I say that when it’s half past four here…) and I’m still struggling to recalibrate my sleeping pattern. I’ll aim to post a little earlier tomorrow, which will be my last/second last(?) post on Singapore. It’ll be a highly visual one, covering aspects of the city I couldn’t include in previous posts.

… Actually, that might not be it. I still have a lot of unedited photographs, many of which highlight areas in Singapore everyone should visit. Argh… my brain isn’t functioning at its best now… Just know that there’ll be plenty more photographs to come in the following post(s). Thanks for reading y’all and good night/morning.