Family, After Five

by cedhausen

Years. It’s been five years. I have not welcomed a new year with my family for five years, and here we are, sitting in the living room watching the fireworks display live from Sydney.

They look like they’re bombing the bridge!

Mother’s right. Just Google or YouTube “Sydney Fireworks New Year 2014” or something along those lines and you might just agree. As the rest of my extended family would say at the fireworks display by their neighbours during Chinese New Year,

They’re literally burning money.

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But what a glorious sight they are, these fiery blooms that go boom in the dark, marking the passing of another year and the beginning of a new one.

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It’s been a wild ride this past year. It began with my return from the UK (this image is particularly dear to me… maybe I’ll let you know why in the future…),

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followed by a trip to Sydney,


new friends (okay, so Christina in the middle isn’t exactly a new friend. In fact, she might be a long lost relative. And yes, I confused a lot of people with that hair),

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new typewriter,

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numerous food reviews,


two VSCO features,

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plenty of wine to keep me aglow throughout the year, not that I’m a heavy drinker to begin with. I flush a hideous maroon…


This blog. For the longest time, I’ve been kicking myself for not having the discipline to type every day. Who knew “publishing” a post could be so invigorating?

And a whole lot more.

But of all the things I am grateful about this year, I’m most thankful for family. Sure there have been times when family can drive me up the wall, through the roof, beyond the sky, and to the moon, but they’ve been one of the most consistent things I have in my life. I can always rely on my dad to be the better alarm clock than my phone, while my mother’s the physical manifestation of my conscience… with a particularly nasal-y voice when she nags. She riles me up a lot, but we both agree that’s just our way of showing affection. One of the first things she said when I got back from the States after getting my Bachelor’s was,

I miss sparring with you.

… which is one of the nicest and most honest comments she can ever make about our relationship.

So as 2014 comes to an end, it’s strangely comforting to be at home, lounging on the sofa with family, doing absolutely nothing. Well, for now at least. Our house is located close to a popular shopping mall that throws spectacular fireworks display every year, and we sometimes host family friends over just to celebrate the occasion with us.

While it’s only two hours away here from the new year, most of y’all will probably still have an entire day left before Auld Lang Syne starts to play in every bar and pub. Make this last day count. There’s still time. Spend it doing things you like. Spend it with the people you like. Whatever it is, end 2014 on a high note.

See you in 2015!