Y’all Guessed It Right

by cedhausen

I’ll be posting twice today since I missed yesterday’s, and I’ll be sure to talk a little on my job today as I should have yesterday. Ugh… There never is a need for someone to “beat me up”, I do that sort of torture to myself on a daily basis. Needless to say, I won’t be sleeping until I’ve finished this. I told myself that I shall have the discipline to publish daily, and so I will.

Have some chrysanthemums as an intangible form of apology (“Aren’t all apologies intangible?” “Yes, but this one is through a screen.”), which so happens to be today’s Photo of the Day:

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

I took this at a café near where I live; one of the quieter ones in the area considering how most other caffeinated establishments are filled with college students. I didn’t give much thought to this one, only that it really didn’t stand out in colour, hence the black-and-white treatment.

So, work. I officially started last Friday and I’ve finally received my office pass today, which means I can afford to drink more liquids without having to awkwardly smile and nod in the direction of the receptionist every time I need to use the restroom located outside the office. I like the massive underground parking lot that’s empty in the morning, which means I could park right next to the closest entrance. I enjoy the walk up to my office, when the travelators come alive as I set foot on them and the janitors begin their rounds on the premises. I never thought a retail centre could look so serene in the morning, way before the lunch crowd starts invading the floors. Then again, I never dreamt of working at a mall.

… all of a sudden, Paul Blart infiltrates my consciousness. With a Segway. And I haven’t even watched the movie!

At my new position, I’m expected to vet through all forms of copy that will be distributed internally and externally, while providing linguistic training to staff of four different malls. On my third day, I’ve come to realise a few things about my new work environment:

1. The finance manager is absolutely terrified of cockroaches and can’t swallow the thought of one scurrying in the pantry. She’d come to my table, report of the vile sight, leave, return ten minutes later to ask, “Is the deed done?”

2. My shoes clucks the loudest.

3. I receive a lot of calls asking for the leasing department, since the previous employee who had my table was part of their team.

4. I desperately need caffeine to survive the torpid couple of hours after lunchtime. A heavy meal makes for heavy eyelids.

That’s my trouble with desk jobs, I fall asleep if I’m not moving about. If I remain seated at the same position for hours, not even Marilyn Manson would be able to stave the slumber away. On that note, I really need to address my fatigue after working hours as well. The original plan was to head to the gym (yes, I try) every other evening after work, but I’ve yet to commence that routine because my body ceases to function when I reach home, which explains why I didn’t manage to write a post yesterday. I really do need to find an alternative to caffeine, although that seems to be the easiest option. I thought I’ve gone past that since my university days. The worst I’ve done then had been inhaling chocolate chip cookies before drowning myself with cups of French vanilla latte for breakfast just to complete reading assignments and to stay awake for the discussions after. I’d crash for twelve hours straight when I got back. I couldn’t even be bothered to dress up for class. If you saw me in nothing but a hoodie and a pair of jeans then, you know I had a rough night.

Well, that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon and it can’t possibly happen now. Not with my current working schedule, especially when the finance manager is expecting me to be on the lookout for baby cockroaches.

Tsk tsk.