A Short, Yet Necessary, Comic Relief

by cedhausen

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why punctuation is important:

Me: they’re playing under the sea? *faints* this sure brings back memories of high school…

Christina: … okay, we need to meet up, and you’re going to tell me about these memories of high school.

Me: PFFT-HAHAHAHA! I just realised what you thought I said! I meant, “They’re playing the song, ‘Under the Sea’!”

So a little context to this. Christina, my ex-colleague-slash-possibly long lost relative-slash-best friend, sent me a link to a video via Facebook where two Korean heartthrobs were about to go scuba diving in Okinawan shores. Here she is below in today’s Photo of the Day:

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Apparently, a cute guy was walking behind me so she got uhm… distracted, which makes this shot all the more perfect. Oh! And this was taken at Feeka too, that favourite haunt of mine along Jalan Mesui that I’ve covered quite a few times.

Anyway, so she sent me this video to watch, and that’s when I made the first comment, because as they were showing a reel of these guys diving, exploring the seabed, playing with the fishes *cough*, it was to the music of Sebastian’s “Under the Sea”. Now, with Christina (I know she’s reading this so I’m laughing hysterically as I type), she wouldn’t care about the background music when there are hot Korean guys involved so the Little Mermaid reference just swam past her head. To add to the mystery (from her perspective), I made a passing comment on this high school experience (a blunder since I kept thinking it was a shared experience).

See, I performed on stage for a bit when I was in high school, and though I enjoyed the attention it afforded me at the time, I look back now and shiver in mortification at the memories… Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but when you realise the song that made you popular (I was a shallow, shallow child… at least, that’s how I see it) was also the song that was repeated in every single corridor every single damn time a friend, a teacher, a janitor passes you by… and that song happened to be “Under the Sea”… you simply wished you hadn’t so graciously accepted the offer to sing on stage during Teacher’s Day… They still call me back sometimes…

Over-dramatisation aside, I had a peculiar experience with that song, so when I heard it playing again as I watched the video, I simply typed out that line on impulse. Christina, who has never heard of this horrific story from my past, thought I was referring to something… saucier. Hilarity ensues.

Christina: Hahaha! Oh god… I can’t– but seriously, if you hadn’t provided context, this would’ve been so wrong!

Well, I wish I had a story that could make Blanche Devereaux blush, but I’m afraid the truth was less… smexy. Still, what a good way to end the weekend, through laughter.

P.S.: This was originally supposed to be the post on television programmes, but this happened and I had to jot it down lest I forget in the future.