“What’s Your Name, Darlin’?” “Agent.”

by cedhausen

It’s incredibly invigorating to watch a strong female lead actress kicking ass in a television series that has her name on it. Best part is she looks fantastic putting chauvinists in their place, and she isn’t even a size two. I’m referring to Marvel’s Agent Carter, and while I know there have been other programmes featuring tenacious and self-assertive women (think Alias or Buffy the Vampire Slayer) who can pretty much hold their ground in a fight, it’s refreshing to see one set against a backdrop of rampant sexism during post-war America. Yes, we have Mad Men, and while I love Joan’s sharp remarks and Peggy’s perseverance, the women there are still limited by what society thinks is appropriate of their gender.

Now, while some might think, “I don’t like the idea of it becoming a trend. Why should it be seen as ‘a trend’?” in the sense that did it really take us that long to acknowledge and approve of strong female leads? For me, I’d simply revel in this renaissance of powerful women in television who carve their own destinies in spite of the difficulties they endure. Yes, it took a while for us to arrive at this point, so let’s make sure the big networks are aware of this fan base and continue approving of television series that feature awesome characters like Peggy Carter.

Which reminds me… today’s Photo of the Day features another strong female character:

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This is Linda, one of my linguistics cohorts while I was completing my Master’s in the UK. This was taken at Blenheim Palace, Winston Churchill’s ancestral home. We were incredibly fortunate that day because a local Bentley Drivers Club decided to drop by, park their stunning automobiles on the palace grounds, then head off to the Water Terrace Café for a spot of tea, while everybody else ogled the “Roaring Twenties”. When you think about it, the owners were pretty smart to do so. They can have their privacy in the café when all the tourists are busy photographing their cars. I love this picture because Linda looks like one of the Soong sisters. If you knew Linda well, you’d know her to be capable of being incredibly childish, but there’s also this side of her that’s amazingly determined, purposeful, and disciplined, which I’ve not seen in many individuals, and those are qualities that I greatly admire about her.

Then again, it may simply be the Bentley that’s amplifying this… majesty that surrounds her. Or maybe it’s that slight frown that she has even when smiling. A lot of friends mistook us for being a couple, which amused the two of us immensely, for our relationship can best be described in familial terms. Linda saw me as someone who could break her out of her shell, and true enough, she accompanied me in several of my trips before she became comfortable travelling by herself. She was independent, considering she’s made it all the way to the UK from China by her own merit, but she had trouble fully expressing herself, often finding difficulty in opening up to others. Still, the great thing about her is that she enjoys trying new things, and because of it, she’s become a much happier person with a larger circle of friends.

Alrighty. I’ll return in a bit. I still owe those two posts! The next one will focus on television (programmes) in general–how it has entered and left at various points in my life.