The Rest of The Majestic

by cedhausen

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And I’m back to two posts… Gah… Sorry, I crashed last night. My room is at once the most conducive place to work and also the worst since my bed’s just… right… there… snore…

Well, I’ll be catching up on those two posts this weekend (I must! I must!) so until that happens, have some more pictures of The Majestic Kuala Lumpur. The Photo of the Day is right up there, taken at the Colonial Café. I love the florid rug, but my favourite detail in the picture is the coat that’s just casually left on the barstool.

Here’s another ‘busier’ view of the café:

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The café is located in the old wing, near the entrance where you’ll find these lovely chairs, which reminds me of Ellie’s chair from Up:

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If you walk to the new wing where the lobby is, you’ll pass by the beautiful Orchid Conservatory:

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Honestly, I don’t know how they manage to keep their orchids looking so flawless. I’d love to have a vase in my room with white orchids branching into an arch over my laptop, but my mother keeps telling they’re notoriously difficult to manage… Worst, they’re sold at the supermarket in my workplace, and I pass them by every evening when I walk to my car. Urgh…

The conservatory is marvellous for photography, which explains why so many newlyweds flock here for their wedding shoot. Unfortunately, you technically can’t take any photos inside the room, unless you’ve been granted permission to do so by the hotel. But I say just sneak in a couple of shots with the phone when the staff is out bringing in your tea. It’s alright to be mischievous in the name of photography… as long as you get a good shot!

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Connected to the hotel is a gentlemen’s den, The Smokehouse, that houses a lounge and bar, a private dining room with a chef on call, a card room, a cigar room, and, my favourite, a screening room… that nobody uses. It’s fitted with retro leather reclining chairs and shows black-and-white movies from the 30s (think MGM and RKO Pictures) all day from a DVD player. I wonder if they allow private screening events there…

And finally,

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I know… A little anti-climactic perhaps, but I love the table’s design. It’s so modern in its lack of ornamentation, considering the heritage location.