That Excruciating Moment

by cedhausen

… when you just can’t find the song that keeps playing in your head. Especially when you can’t make any sense of the lyrics. Was that… “gotta love these Starbucks lovers” or… “got a long list of ex-lovers”? Though I didn’t have too much of a problem deciphering Taylor Swift’s hit, it took me far longer to even decode MisterWive’s “Reflections”. Now, I didn’t discover the song by endlessly watching Vines, as some would think, even though I do agree they are incredibly addictive in a traffic jam. My first encounter with it was over the radio while I was driving (best way to discover music and lip sync to them nonsensically by the way), and before long the lead singer’s voice kept echoing in my head. The chorus was so damn catchy that it makes you wanna sing along with it… if you only knew what the lyrics were

Know that all this was before I even knew the name of the band or title of the song. Thus began the long odyssey, travelling into the depths of Billboard’s Hot 100 and Malaysia’s Hitz 20, but no luck. I was obstinately confident that this song had to be a hit since it had all the makings of a chart-topper by Malaysian standards: great beat, god-knows-what lyrics. Still, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Tried Googling “underrated pop songs of 2014”. Nope. Not it, it, or it.

That’s when I decided to try watching some Vines. Knowing now how that song was overused by so many Viners (my laptop keeps insisting I spell that as Vineries), it was sheer dumb luck two hours ago for me to actually encounter one singing it (not his best, but Gabe’s pretty hilarious and sweet, so is Thomas Sanders. Go check them out!). Perhaps it was a combination of having listened to Vines while I’m stuck in traffic and remembering Gabe’s voice before the track that I thought I’d try just scrolling down his page, you know, until I find it.

Took me a whole hour… If that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is.

But hey, this was how I felt when I found the song:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I think I might’ve just jumped off my seat and danced to the music. A little.