I Can’t Even

by cedhausen

Believe me when I say I can’t even is the most appropriate descriptor for my emotions today as I can’t even even believe that it actually happened. This happened today:


I’ve never had 38,000 people liking a photograph, nor have I ever imagined this ever being possible for me. Just yesterday, I discovered three of my shots made it to VSCO’s grid. Today, I found out that VSCO handpicked and featured one of those shots on their Instagram account. It’s an understatement to say I’m overwhelmed by this. It’s an incredibly humbling experience, because I never thought my photos would ever garner so much attention, considering I only jumped into photography two years ago and have only, very recently, starting curating and sharing them on social media sites.

So, first of all, thank you VSCO for making my Sunday by featuring my photo. When I started using VSCO, all I ever wanted out of it was to be featured on their grid, and I kept thinking just having one of my photographs featured there would be good enough. It’s a form of reassurance that I am producing something “decent”, I suppose. But the numbers that I’ve seen today is astonishing. I’d frame this snapshot if I could! The number of followers I have on my Instagram is not impressive and has never been, but today’s feature doubled the number of my followers within a span of a few hours. I was a little alarmed when my phone kept flashing and I kept seeing people liking a photo or have started following me. I almost thought my account was hacked or something.

It’s been a good day, and having my work recognised like this only pushes me to capture even more beautiful things, and to complement them with appropriate copy (when I’m not doing this at 4AM in the morning… ugh…).

P.S. A lot of the comments below that picture on Instagram mentioned how the subject looks like an arrow, which was an “oh yeah…” moment for me as I never looked at it that way before.