Back from the Dead

by cedhausen


It’s been a crazy five months. Not a never-ending, adrenaline-pumping, horrific waddle in a corporate community, which I’ve affirmed again and again isn’t suited for me, but a never-ending, mind-numbingly sedate, occasional mental overkill-esque, odyssey into a corporate retail community. The events that transpire within these whitewashed walls could compete with the latest episode from Game of Thrones (of which I’m now an avid fan of), though the scarier part is I’m not sure which character I play.

I’ve been negligent. I’ve made promises I can’t keep and I’m not sure if “it’s my job that’s draining me” is a valid excuse anymore. There hasn’t been a defining moment lately where something happened, and I had a rush of emotions driving me to push my dreams with more fervour and ardour than ever. No, life doesn’t happen that way all the time, although the pilot of iZombie may have had a role in actually making me sit the fuck down and type after that one scene when Peyton, tired by Liv’s lifelessness (can you blame her though?), tells her “it’s breaking my freaking heart [seeing Liv like that]”.

I had to come back to this. I owe it to myself. Despite my own history of dropping things just because it got “too difficult” or “tough”, I couldn’t do that to my blog. It had been a sanctuary for my sanity, and it shall continue to be. There will never be that single perfect moment when everything seems to be falling into place like that last piece of a jigsaw puzzle, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’m here, doing what I love doing best, and working at it to become better at it. I’m picking myself up, and I implore you, please, to give me smack if I disappear like that ever again.

Five months is a long time. Let’s step it up.

P.S.: Photo of the Day (might be changing this up a bit) was taken during the Ching Ming Festival that’s observed by a lot of Chinese families sometime in April where we visit and clean the tombstones of our ancestor’s graves.