The National Visual Arts Gallery Pt. I

by cedhausen

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Good morning world! This might be one of the few rare occasions (or is the first?) that I’m actually typing in the morning. I guess there’s a first for everything, but since I only have approximately ten minutes to type everything I want to type about the National Visual Arts Gallery before I rush out to fetch my boss to work and for work (on a Sunday! Jesus, Shiva and Buddha have mercy…), I’ll have to make this really really quick.

… I hope the picture above isn’t as grainy as I think it is…

Alright, so quick recap: my laptop is still being serviced and I haven’t heard a word from the service centre which is driving me nuts. I managed to borrow a friend’s MacBook for two nights to upload and edit (thank you Cezlynn and Qwang Szaen!) I was supposed to work on this on a Friday night. I crashed. I was supposed to work on this on a Saturday night. I crashed again. Hence, Sunday morning. Plenty of unnecessary drama has been happening, but I’ll save those for a different day, and now ladies and gentlemen, the gallery:

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I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this in previous postings, but I’ve always complained about the lack of good art galleries in Malaysia. The National Visual Arts Gallery, unfortunately, also does not hit the mark just yet. Being located right next to the more popular, and arguably more culturally significant, Istana Budaya (National Theatre), the gallery seems a little unprepossessing comfortably blanketed in trees, hiding it from view as you drive past it along the busy Jalan Tun Razak.

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The gallery is immense, but not the British Museum “immense”. It has the usual offerings: temporary exhibits, sealed off areas for renovation, water fountains … where am I going with this? But for a building with the “National” designation in front of it, it lacks charisma. When I visited this place with a friend on a Sunday afternoon, the place was unusually empty, with an old lady for a security guard dozing off into sleep at a bench when really she should be questioning my use of my iPhone as I snapped away uninhibitedly.

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Aaaaand time’s up! I have to get out of the house now lest I’m late… to be continued in the next post in the evening!