My Baby’s Back!

by cedhausen

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Zooming at the speed of light… past the milk and butter. I guess supermarket aisles can look pretty awesome sometimes. This photograph was completely unplanned for (not that any of my other photographs were) as I had to take some pictures for our malls’ tenants (y’all still remember I’m in retail management, right?) for a competition. Turns out my boss found this shot to be incredibly flattering of the supermarket too so all’s well with the universe.

Oh, and by uploading this image with my watermark on a Friday morning (2am y’all… livin’ the life of a retail corporate employee), I’m happy to announce that my MacBook has returned and is now working beautifully. Apparently, the hard drive died… of causes unknown, though I’d put my money on playing the Golden Girls on repeat every night before going to bed. Comedy helps me sleep, but it kills my laptop so I might cut back on that a little… and just when Mamrie Hart enters my life with her boozy jokes. Dang it…

Anyway, short update, and I’ll be posting about another location this weekend as usual, god willing if I don’t die from exhaustion. Today’s a public holiday for everybody else, but I’ll find myself picking up my boss from her place again in 9 hours and heading straight back to the office. I certainly hope you will be having a much better day than I will